We offer a wide range of value-added services to maximize revenue, increase efficiency and provide your customers with the most popular payment methods.


Our cutting-edge products are also backed by a full range of services that add additional value and can maximize revenue for your business. Like our terminals, these services follow the latest security standards (PCI Compliance) outlined by the payment processing industry, helping to insure that your customer transactions are secure and your business data is protected.

Credit Card Processing

It’s common knowledge: more customers pay with ‘plastic’ than with cash, and that number continues to grow. As a merchant, you can’t afford to ignore this reality, especially if you want to grow your business. We can help get you set up to reach this lucrative market. You will accommodate your customer who want the flexibility to pay with credit cards, and you can attract new customers you might not reach without this popular payment method.

Debit Card Processing

Currently, debit card transactions make up more than half of consumer purchases and it’s reported that nearly one third of consumers prefer using debit cards for everyday purchases over any other form of payment. They like the convenience of not carrying cash and the peace of mind knowing they are not incurring debt. And debit transactions are less expensive to process than credit card transactions, allowing you to keep more of your profits


The reality is, some people still like writing checks. As a merchant, you want to accommodate your customers, but accepting checks can involved a high level of risk. You need a way to meet the needs of your customers, but also protects your business from fraud or non-sufficient funds. Our services will provide a secure environment for transactions, protecting customer data and reducing check losses.

Gift Cards

Studies have shown that people like giving and receiving gift cards. Many businesses assume that gift cards are only for the bigger, national retailers. But this service can be implemented in any size and every kind of business with very little start-up costs and low monthly fees. Gift cards offer you a true “no-lose” proposition as well as a valued service for your customers.


The ability to sell online is becoming a necessity in the 21st century. Customers like the convenience of shopping online; businesses enjoy the potential of more revenue. But some merchants believe if they lack the technical resources and expertise, they can’t complete in this virtual marketplace. With I-Store, our award-winning, all-in-one solution, you can have a customized online presence.

Cash Advance

If quick access to cash is standing between you and a growth opportunity, explore our Cash Advance service. It’s not a loan that requires a long application, financial statements or tax returns, but an easy and convenient way to get the money you need into your business right when you need it. Cash Advance is an investment in your future and in your potential for greater revenue.


Sometimes there’s a need to view your merchant account reports outside the office. FirstView provides a fast and convenient way to access processing data anytime, anywhere using an Internet connection. And its advanced encryption keeps sensitive merchant data safe. FirstView gives a new level of simplicity, security and convenience in managing merchant data.

Specialty Processing

ATM Processing: If your business already has an ATM, we can reprogram it and take over your processing to save you money and increase your revenue. Networks such as Plus, Pulse or Star typically charge as much as eighty-five cents per transaction, but we does not add a surcharge. You set the usage fee—what you charge your customers for the privilege to use the machine—and that fee is revenue for your business.

Smart Card Processing: Smart Card are pocket-sized cards with customer data embedded on a storage chip that holds more information than 100 traditional credit cards and essentially eliminates fraud and identity theft. It’s estimated there are already more than 582 million Smart Cards are in circulation.

Contactless Cards Processing: “Contactless” cards, also called “tap-and-go,” allow customers to pay quickly by waving their card or key fob over a terminal, without swiping through a conventional card reader. This is the latest technology, and it’s perfect for on-the-go businesses such as, to-go restaurants, convenience stores, car rentals, ticket booths, and any other instances when speed is crucial.

Mobile Processing: Use your iPhone™ to process payments quickly, securely and easily using our web-based, PCI Compliant app. A full-featured virtual terminal that allows you the convenience of processing credit card and ACH Payments, handle refunds and voids, search transactions and schedule future payments, manage customer information and much more. No software to download, no hardware to purchase.

Online Processing: If you already sell on the Internet, we can provide fast, convenient, secure and cost-efficient payment processing. By using FirstPay.Net, our secure Internet Payment Gateway, your website will connect directly to transaction servers to obtain credit card authorization.

Recurring Billing: E-commerce transactions often require flexibility beyond a simple, one-time online payment and businesses need the ability to automatically charge for products or services online on a regular basis, or over a fixed period of time. The service includes easy setup of automatic payments on regular intervals—daily, monthly or customized intervals.